I'm Back.

Caitlin \ KATE-lynn \ noun;
1. 22 year old grad student living in South Carolina.
2. Former curator of hipsandcollarbones, wholefoodstrackshoes, and traderjoesandgymming.
3. Back on the losing weight track.
4. Unapologetic author of entries regarding school, dating, coping with depression, feminism, culture shock, and acclimating to the unknown.

HW: 215
SW: 165
CW: 146
GW: 125 (This is an arbitrary number.)
Who I Follow

I bought an elliptical and have been using it everyday (go me!). 

In order to keep my sanity intact, I have an arrow-pointer scale instead of a digital to-the-ounce scale. And right now, it looks to be falling somewhere in the ~152 range. Yay me! 

Now that I have complete control over the food in my kitchen, I don’t have to deal with trigger foods unless I put them there, which I don’t, and so are not there. Again, yay me! We’re back to my college weight loss skillz instead of my post graduation maintenance skillz. 

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